Fred Kraus

I am often asked “How long have you been drinking coffee?”  I can honestly say “I can’t remember not drinking coffee” is the usual reply.


Hello I am Fred  Kraus along with my staff we welcome you to our site and invite you to visit Eysals Coffee Roa

sters and the East Peoria Popcorn Co.

We began our journey as many do with a course in life, do what you love and love what you do.  I had a career in sales and was always offering our customers a drink and when I would visit their home the same courtesy was returned.  Coffee then was used as social icebreaker, creating courtesy and respect.

With a thirst for coffee and the courage to jump, our training was conducted in Murphy North Carolina at the Stucco House.

where my brother Don and his wife Joanna owned and operated the establishment.  While being a home roaster and enjoying every minute of it pursued the skill set under Joanna and began the development of small commercial roasting in greater detail.   With a passionate love for coffee and their support we found the home of  Eysals Coffee here in East Peoria.  Having our home in East Peoria it was the only choice, and the continued support of the community has never let us down.  The name of Eysals comes from the great coffee guru Ohwhatagooseiam and is an acronym for Espresso Yourself Smile a Lattes.