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  • Reprinted from the East Peoria Times Courier
  • By Jeanette Kendall

    East Peoria Times-Courier – East Peoria, IL
    By Jeanette Kendall
    Updated Apr. 10, 2013 @ 2:18 pm
  • By Jeanette Kendall
    Updated Apr. 10, 2013 @ 2:18 pmHanging out at Eysal’s Coffee Roasters for an hour Thursday morning has become a routine for me. It’s a nice start to the morning to drink a fresh cup of coffee and to chat with people from the community.Initially, when I started going, I only knew the owners, Fred and Judy Kraus.Fred kept me coming back with his great sense of humor and enthusiastic outlook on life, not to mention his singing as he makes coffee.Over time I also got to know many of the regulars. A coffee house is a great place to meet people and hear story ideas.Somewhere along the way in journalism school, I was told that every person has a story to tell. I’ve always remembered that, and I believe it wholeheartedly.By being at Eysal’s I’ve gotten many story tips that turned into interesting articles for readers. These tips may simply be someone telling me something or a tidbit that is overheard that leads to me asking the person for more info.There is one group of retired guys at Eysal’s every Thursday morning sitting in the same cozy corner. They call themselves The New Brewed Iced Tea Party. They are six very nice, interesting fellows. Over time, I’ve learned a bit about them. Dave went to school with my aunt; the other Dave loves history; Dan is (or was) a school board member; and Dennis rides a funky bicycle that sits low to the ground.One day I came in and saw one of the guys, Warren Turner, dressed in a leather outfit complete with a coyote hat and a bow and arrow. I had to walk over to ask about it.That led to his story.

    Turner, 76, is a retired minister and an avid hunter. He wore his Daniel Boone-like outfit to show it off to his friends at Eysal’s.

    “I sat in seven deer stands to have that made,” Turner said of his jacket.

    Turner said he started going to Eysal’s when it opened.

    “Pretty soon I got to hobnobbing with those guys over there. We call ourselves The New Brewed Iced Tea Party, and we’re going to solve all the world’s problems if the politicians would just listen,” Turner said.

    In addition to politics, the group talks about Caterpillar, the military, history, music and other topics. Many in the group are retired from Caterpillar.

    Turner goes to Eysal’s five days a week.

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