Coffee Roasting

The outcome of  the roasted coffee bean begins the moment the coffee tree is planted. Once it has been meticulously cared for, and a premium fruit is harvested, its game on.

There are so many variables that come onto play from the ripeness of the cherry to the method of processing to storage, shipping, and finally getting popped into the roaster here at Eysal’s. It is a long journey from seed to cup. Our suppliers are leaders in the industry and have proven tract records for the utmost care of their product and they all promote sustainability and good working relationships with the coffee farmer all around.

All beans act and react differently during the roasting process. Accordingly,  I roast all beans specifically tailored to their country of origin, processing method and our preference of roast. Each coffee producing country has many different varietals of coffee from classic Bourbon to Caturra to Typica and most vary their processing methods. Washed coffees are different than semi-washed coffees are different that naturally dry processed coffees. The cup characteristics are unique between them all, and I roast our coffees specifically tailored to this.